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Johnny Bowker

  1. Oh! do my Johnny Bowker, come rock ‘n’ roll me over,
    Oh, do me Johnny Bowker do!
  2. 2. O do, Johnny Bowker, come roll me down to Dover,
    Oh, do me Johnny Bowker do!

3. O do, me Johnny Bowker, let’s all go on a jamboree,
4. O do, me Johnny Bowker, the watches are cala-la-shee,
5. O do, me Johnny Bowker, the chief mate he’s a croaker,
6. O do, me Johnny Bowker, the Old man he’s a soaker.
7. O do, me Johnny Bowker, the bosun’s never sober.
8. —I bet ye are a rover.
9. —-the sails he’s a tailor.
10 —the chips he ain’t no sailor.
11. — come roll me in the clover.
12. — come rock an’ roll ‘er over.
13. — from Calais down to Dover.
14.—- in London lives yer lover.
15. — the packet she is rollin’.
16. — come haul away the bowline.
17. — we’ll either break or bend it.
18. — we’re men enough to mend it.
19. — get round the corner, Sally.
20. — let me an’ you live tally.
21. — we’ll haul away an’ bend ‘er.

2 Responses to “Johnny Bowker”

  1. Graham C. Marshall 16 January 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    HELLO – It is claimed on the Bill Haley and the Comets website that the term rock ‘n’ roll originated in the song, Johnny Bowker. Interesting. Take a look:


    Mind you, you may already know this.

  2. stefan 16 January 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Cheers for the link Graham, I did know that the first record of Rock n Roll seems to be from this shanty, and also “Bring em Down”, but had no idea that Bill Hayley and the Comets had said that! Coolness.

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