Your home for Shanty and Sea song lyrics

(Banks of the) Sacramento : Sea Porn Version (lyric warning)

(Bound for the) Rio Grande

(Rollicking) Randy Dandy O

A Drop of Nelson’s Blood (Roll the Old Chariot Along)

A Matlow Told Me (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

Across the Line (Sailors Way NZ Version)

All Bound to Go

All for me grog

Andrew Rose

Arsehole Rules (Sea Porn)

Auckland to the Bluff

Back Home in Derry

Banks of the Sacremento

Barrett’s Privateers

Barrett’s Shanty

Bell Bottom Trousers (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

Billy Riley

Black Ball Line

Black Leg Miner

Blackbird Get Up

Blood Red Roses

Blow The Man Down

Bog Down in the Valley O

Bold Riley

Bonnie Ship the Diamond

Bonnie Shoals of Herring

Bring ’em Down

Brinnisi di marinara (Lampa)

Bully in the Alley

Bully in the Alley (Royal Fortune Version)

Cape Cod Girls

Captain John Mason

Captain Kidd

Captain Tall

Charlotte the Harlot (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

Cheer’ly Men (Sea Porn) Be Warned Dirty Lyrics

Chicken on a Raft

Chinatown Bumboat (Sea Porn: Mildly Dirty)

Christopher Columbo (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Run (Eliza Lee)

Cold Ocean Blue

Come All You Toungers

Dark Eyed Sailor

Davy Lowston

Dead Horse Shanty (Poor Old Man)

Deep Blue Sea

Derby Ram

Do Let Me ‘lone

Donegal Danny

Donkey Riding

Drunken Sailor (What shall we do with the)

Edwin Fox

Empire Star

Essequibo River

F**K em All (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

Farewell Shanty (Padstow Farewell)

Fathom the Bowl

Fiddlers Green

Final Trawl

Finnegan’s Wake

Fire Maringo

Flash Frigate

Flower of Scotland

Foveaux Strait (Bill Hanning’s Lament)

Frankie’s Trade

Friggin in the Riggin (Sea Porn:Lyric Warning)

Froggie Went a Courtin

General Taylor

Gimme de Banjo

Go To Sea No More

Good Ship Venus (Sea Porn) – Be Warned Dirty Lyrics

Greenland Whale Fisheries

Grey Funnel Line

Grimsby Town

Hanging Johnny

Haul ‘er Away

Haul Away for Rosie O

Haul Away Joe

Haul in the Bowline

Heave Away Boys, Heave Away

High Barbaree

Hobby Derry Dando

Hog Eye Man

Holy Ground (Fine Girl You Are)

I Came To A Western Island

I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Everyday (Mike Stanley Version)

I’m Bound Away

I’s the B’y

Irish Rover

Is the Big Fella Gone?

James Craig


John Cherokee

John Kanaka

Johnny Bowker

Johnny Come Down to Hilo

Larry Marr (Five Gallon Jar)

Le Capitan de San Malo

Lean and Unwashed Tiffey

Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her

Leaving of Liverpool

Limejuice Tub

Lindy Lowe

Long Time Ago (Pumping Version)

Lower the (Yawl) Boat Down


Lowlands Low (The Island Lass)

Maid of Amsterdam (A-Rovin’)

Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Pete Seeger Version)

Mingulay Boat Song

Mobile Bay

Morning Glory

Mr Stormalong John

Muddy Water

Mursheen Durkin

My Son John


Old Moke Picking on a Banjo

One More Day

Paddle Your Own Canoe

Paddy Doyle’s Boots

Paddy Lay Back

Paddy West


Pull Down Below

Quare Bungle Rye

Reuben Ranzo

Rocky Road to Dublin

Roll Alabama Roll

Roll Alabama Roll (Sea Porn Version)

Roll the Old Chariot Along

Roll the Woodpile Down

Rolling Home (Across the Sea)

Rolling Home to Old Maui

Rolling Sea

Round the Corner Sally

Royal Artillery Man

Sailboat Malarkey

Sailors Alphabet

Sally Brown

Sally Free and Easy

Sammy’s Bar (The Ballad of)

Santiano (Bay of Mexico)

Saucy Sailor

Serafina (Sea Porn) – Be Warned Dirty Lyrics

Shallow Brown (Slave Version)

Shallow Brown (Version 1)

Shellback Song




Skipper Jan Rebec


So Early in the Morning

Soon May the Wellerman Come

South Australia (Royal Fortune Version)

South Australia (Traditional)

Southern Ocean (Mollymawk)

Spanish Ladies

Stanley the Rat

Star of the County Down

Stefan’s Gay Lament

Talcahuano Girls (Whaler version of Spanish Ladies)

Tasman Buster

Ten Thousand Miles Away

The 24th of February

The Anna

The Argo

The Banks of Newfoundland

The California

The Chinee Bumboat Man

The Chinee Bumboatman

The Crabfish (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

The Dockyard Church (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

The Dreadnought

The Dry Cadrona

The Ebenezer

The Fields of Athenry

The Fireship (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

The Gals o Chile

The Girl in Portland Street (foldedol day)

The Jane

The Last Shanty

The Limejuice Ship

The Mauritania

The Mermaid

The Nightwatch Song of the Charlotte Jane

The North Atlantic Sqaudron (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

The Oda G

The Oggie Man

The Orpheus

The Priest and Nuns (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

The Red Flag (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

The Sailor’s Dream (Sea Porn)

The Sailors Way (Strange Version…)

The Shaver

The Titanic (Great Ship Went Down)

The Topman and Afterguard

The Whores of Sailortown (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

Tommy’s Gone to Hilo

Tramps and Hawkers

Turkish Revelry

Virgin Sturgeon

Waiting for the Day (Rudy Sunde Version)

Way Down in Dixie

Westering Home

Whale of a Tale

Whiskey O (Rise’r Up/Whiskey Johnny)

Wild Goose Shanty

Wild Rover

Wings of a Goney

Wreckers Payer

Yankee John, Stormalong

Ye Mariners All