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Music & words (c) Rudy Sunde 2008

In 1860, Waikawa way
A schooner was launched, a fine spring day
“Oamaru Lass” the name on her bow
She looked oh so sweet and sailed oh so proud

Sailed from Waikawa to Oamaru bay
Blown on the beach, there she did lay
Floated once more, a change of name
The “Oamaru Lass”, “Nora” became

Come listen to me, I’ll sing you a song
About the ship “Nora” will not take long
Was a fine schooner, sweet was her name
Sailing the coast down Caitlins way

Nora she sailed at dawn of the day
Way down the harbour and into the bay
Found a fine river, up it she bade
Up the Owaka for the saw milling trade


Captain Charles Hayward, well tested man,
He’s sailed many ships in far foreign lands
He sailed by the sun, he sailed by the stars
He travelled near and travelled far


A cargo of wool, a cargo of grain
Timber on deck, weighed anchor again
Got to Dunedin in very good time
Sailed again for the West Coast mines


Carried a cargo with many a brew
Gold mining men, a most thirsty crew
Whiskey and brandy, barrels galore
Enough for the men on that lonely shore


Many’s the journey that Nora she made
Many a cargo, the southern trade
Her days they were numbered – the end of the line
Lost without trace, the year 69


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