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Shanty News: The Kiwi’s are Coming!!

Shanty News: The Kiwi’s are Coming!!

2010 will see a true invasion of New Zealanders into the Europe shanty scene, both the Royal Fortune and the Maritime Crew will descend apon the continent this June and August (unpronounceable volcano permitting).

The Royal Fortune will be playing free shows in pubs around Killarney and Dublin before heading to the Langesund shanty festival (http://www.shantyfestival.com/) on the 4th to the 6th of June.

Following that, Royal Fortune are also booked to play at the Prague shanty fest (http://www.bohemiafestival.cz/ang/shantyfest-prague1.php)

Please stay updated for full reviews of both festivals, and if you would like to contact the Royal Fortune, please email stefan@shantynet.com

P.S. A full write up of the Maritime Crew tour will also be posted shortly after dates and shows have been confirmed.

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