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Shanty News: ***UPDATED*** Some Gits Get 1 Million Pounds for What We Do for Free.

Shanty News: ***UPDATED*** Some Gits Get 1 Million Pounds for What We Do for Free.


The following post is intended as satire, not as a true news article. The purpose of which is to highlight the biggest deal in terms of money and success to happen to a shanty group in a generation. The Fisherman’s Friends are forging a path that could lead to more opportunities for us more humble shanty folk, and we at shantynet wish them all the congratulations that their amazing success deserves.

For the record, all the details regarding the other groups, including quotes and references are a figment of the author’s imagination.


Sea Shanty groups around the world are outraged as the Shanty choir Fisherman’s Friends were reportedly singing in a pub in Cornwall while Paul Christie from Universal records overheard the choir while on holiday and decided to sign them up for an obscene amount of cash.

Story can be found here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/fishermen-seek-to-storm-charts-with-sea-shanties-1923409.html

Worldwide reaction in the Shanty community has been one of shock and not entirely veiled jealousy. An Un-named source from the Maritime Crew:

This is total crap. I heard the news while watching the evening news and having dinner, and frankly I’m not sure how I can face eating chicken pea soup again.”

It has also been reported that as a knee jerk reaction Colin Devey from Monkeys Fist (http://www.monkeysfistshanty.co.uk/Meet-the-Band) has resorted to singing almost nightly at random pubs in Cornwall in a vein attempt to re-create the miracle. One witness said

“I like my shanties as much as the next guy, but Colin was singing in what seemed to be quite a frenzy, with wild eyes  and constantly scanning the audience. Sad, actually.”

The Fisherman’s Friends however seem oblivious to the rancour created by their success and are looking to release their first album tentatively titled “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues”, playing at Glastonbury with U2 of all people and working on a movie documenting their success (http://www.ukwirednews.com/articles.php/55563-Film-to-show-Cornish-sea-shanty-sailors-rise-to-fame). Sickening, really.

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