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CD REVIEW: Four ‘n’ Aft “Rolling the Whole World Round”

CD REVIEW: Four ‘n’ Aft “Rolling the Whole World Round”

Group: For ‘n’ Aft

Album “Rolling the Whole World Round”

(c) Cock Robin Music 2006

Can be purchased here: http://www.chanteycabin.co.uk/Four%20n%20Aft/Four%20n%20Aft.htm

Can be contacted here: chrislock@tesco.net


We met these fine singers at the Langesund International Shanty Festival in  Norway June 2010 and were one of the stand out acts of the weekend (see review here: http://www.shantynet.com/news/langesund-international-shanty-festival-reviewed/).  We were able to spend some time watching them perform, and became instantly impressed with their amazing voices. This review is of their (I believe) second album, and contains most of the popular shanties that have become famous throughout the world (Santiano, Roll the Woodpile, Shenandoah etc) but also introduces some great new songs to this reviewer – Jericho and The Campanero really stand out.

Now, this is an entirely acapella record which to someone who is not used to this type of music may seem boring and repetitive, but those who are singers themselves or enjoy small choir type music will fall in love with this. These guys are the masters of harmony, and their renditions are reflective and at times powerful (see track 6 Shallow Brown).  Stand out tracks are “The Ballad of Lady Franklin” (I know this one as “Lady Franklin’s Lament”), the version of this song is simply stunning and is by far the best version of this song I have in my collection, other songs don’t quite work as well “Ned’s Lament” is one example. This is the story of this album for me, the slower and more reflective songs seem to slot right into their style and they really let their harmonies out in at times a jaw dropping way, but the more up-beat or rowdy songs are done in the same way and they don’t seem to have the same effect.

Should you buy this album? Yes, if you love great harmonies and some of the best versions of Shenandoah, Lady Franklin’s Lament and Mollymawk (Southern Ocean) you have heard. If you are looking for a rowdy sea shanty album this however, is not for you

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