4 May 2010 0 Comments

Whiskey O (Rise’r Up/Whiskey Johnny)

Whiskey was the life of man

Always was since time began

Whiskey o Johnny o

John Rise me up from down below

Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey o

Up aloft this yard must go

John rise’r up from down below

Hoist her up from the world below

For that is where the cocks do crow

I’m the ghost of Bertie Binns

Sent down to hell for my terrible sins

I’m just up from a southern shore

For that is where the fires do roar

Set that sail before half past four

That is what the mate do roar

Up aloft from down below

Mr mate has told us so

Trice her up way in the sky

Trice her up and let him dry

Now this bleeding sail is set

Back to my hole I’ll have to get

One more haul the crew do roar

Then get back to your southern shore

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