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Waiting for the Day (Rudy Sunde Version)

The worst old scow that every did weigh

Sailed one day from Whangarei

Waiting for the day, waiting for the day

Waiting for the day we get our pay

She was built in Ancient times

Held together with bits of twine

Moored in the dock, logs on deck

She looked a terrible worn out wreck

Skipper’s half dutch, Maori too

We were short two men in crew

Off Cape Rodney sprung a leak

I heard her poor old timbers creak

Down the gulf we sailed all day

Pumping like madmen all the way

We pumped all day, we pumped all night

Slowly passed old tiri light

Skipper said boys you’re doing fine

Keep on pumping all the time

Round North Head, passed Bean Rock

Laden down with Kauri logs

Up the harbour to Freeman’s Bay

Dropped the anchor, sent the logs away

Skipper said boys you’ve earned your treat

Gleeson’s pub is across the street.

Off we went in double quick time

Spent our pay on whiskey and wine

That was the day, that was the day

That was the day we got our pay.

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