21 April 2012 0 Comments

The Sailors Way (Strange Version…)

We’ve courted gay Peruvian gals and French gals and Chinese

And Spanish gals and Dutch gals too and dainty Japanese

There’s a bar Australia in Honolulu where Hawaiian maidens play

Just a different girl in every port that’s the sailors way.


Singin’ goodbye ol’ Lucy/Cushla/Suzy/Rosie, I’m off to sea once more

Old sailor Jack will always come back to the girls we do adore

He’ll cross the line in the gulf stream, go around by table bay

He’ll round Cape Horn and come home again ‘cos that is the sailors way


Come calm or storm or winter shine, the shellback doesn’t mind

On the ocean swell he works like hell for the girls he’s left behing

He beats it North and he runs for South and doesn’t get much pay

He’s always on the losing game but that is the sailors way




How brightly shines the North Star, what hangs on our starboard bow

We’re homeward bound to Liverpool town and our heart is in it now

We’ve crossed the line in the gulf stream, got around by table bay

We’ve rounded the Horn come home again and that’s the sailors way




They’ll pay us off in Liverpool and we’ll all go on a spree

We’ll dance and sing and have some fun and forget the bloody sea

Now Johnny will go to his sweet Marie, and Paddy with Cushla play

But I’ll get drunk and turn in to me bunk, ‘cos that is the sailors way




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