26 July 2011 0 Comments

The Girl in Portland Street (foldedol day)

I met a girl in Portland St
Fol-de-lol fol-de-lol fol-de lol-lol day
I met a girl in Portland st
With a fol-de-lol-day, fol-de-lol-day, fol-de-lol-lol-de-lol-de-lol-day

This girl I met in in Portland St
Was the sweetest girl I ever did meet

Says I, Me girl how do you do
Says she, the worse for seeing of you

Now miss says I, I like your style
Says she, young man, just wait a while

Just wait until you try and play
And then I’ll send you on your way

I took her hand into my own
And we headed soon for her old home

And in her room, not far away
We drank until the break of day

I pulled her down on my lap
Says she young man your face I’ll slap

On her ankle next I placed my hand
Says she for this I will not stand

I pulled her dress above her knee
Says she young man please let me be

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