5 May 2010 0 Comments

The Ebenezer

I shipped on board of th’ Ebenezer
Every day you “Scrub and grease ‘er”
Send us aloft to scrape ‘er down
And if we growl they’ll knock us down

Oh, git along boys,
Git along, do;
Be handy, boys, be handy.

Our first mates name was Dickie Green, sir,
The dirtiest man you ever seen, sir!
Walking the quarter with a bucko cap,
He thought himself no common chap.

A Boston buck for second greaser,
He used to ship in Limejuice greasers.
The Limejuice greasers got too hot;
He made a jump for Boston dock.

We had no spuds for our dinner,
As sure as I’m a living sinner;
Our bread was tough as any brass
And our meat was as salt as Lot’s wife’s arse

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