10 September 2010 0 Comments

The Crabfish (Sea Porn : Lyric Warning)

Sample can be heard here:


Fisherman, fisherman, standing by the sea,
Have you a crabfish that you can sell to me?”
[Refrain] By the wayside i-diddle-dee-di-doh.

“Yes sir, yes sir, that indeed I do.
I’ve got a crabfish that I can sell to you.”

Well, I took him on home and I thought he’d like a swim,
So I filled up the thunderjug and I threw the bastard in.

Late that night I thought I’d have a fit
When my old lady got up to take a shit.

“Husband, husband,” she cried out to me,
“The devil’s in the thunderjug and he’s got hold of me!”

“Children, children, bring the looking glass.
Come and see the crabfish that bit your mother’s ass.”

“Children, children, did you hear the grunt?
Come and see the crabfish that bit your mother’s cunt.”

That’s the end of my song and I don’t give a fuck.
There’s a lemon up my asshole and you can have a suck.

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