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The Chinee Bumboat Man

I’ll sing ye a story o’ trouble an’ woe, that’ll cause ye to shudder an’ shiver

Concerning a Chinee bumboat man, that sailed Yangtze River

He was a heathen o’ high degree, As the joss-house records show

His family name was Wing Chang Loo, but the sailors all called him Jim Crow ee-eye-oh ee-eye



Hitchy kum, kitchy kum ya! ya! ya!

Sailorman no likee me

No savvy the story of Wing Chang Loo

Too much of the bober-eye-ee Kye eye!


Now Wing Chang Loo he fell in love, with a girl called Ah Chu Fong

She ‘ad two eyes like pumpkin seeds and slippers two inches long

But Ah Chu Fong loved a pirate bold with all her heart an; her liver,

He was the captain of a double-decked junk, an’ he sailed the Yangtze River eye – iver – eye




When Wing Chang Loo he heard o’ this, he swore an’ ‘orrible oath:

‘If Ah Chu marries that pirate bold, I’ll make sausage meet o’ ’em both’

So he hoisted his blood-red battle flag, put into the Yangtze River

He steered her east an’ south an’ west, till that pirate he did disciver-eye-iver-eye




The drums they beat to quarters an’ the cannons did loudly roar

The red ‘ot dumplings flew like lead, an’ the scupper they ran with gore.

The pirate paced the quarter deck with neither a shake nor a shiver,

He was shot in the arse with a hard boiled egg, that penetrated his liver eye- iver-eye




The dying pirate feebly cried, ‘we’ll give the foe more shot’

If I can’t marry Ah Chu Fong, then Wing Chan Loo shall not’

When a pease puddin’ ‘ot hit the old bumboat’s side, it caused a ‘orrible scene,

It upset a pot of the bow-wow soup and exploded the magazye-eeny-eye-eeny-eye



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