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Tasman Buster

Written by Bob Watson (c) 1984

Now, the Tasman Buster’s got a fair old blow
And he strikes so sudden that his teeth don’t show
And his home is on the Tasman Sea

And it’s no use waiting for the glass to fall
‘Cause you’ll get no warning when he comes to call
It’s Crash! Bang! Wallop! You can do damn all
But batter down the Tasman Sea


And it’s blow you buster blow
And blow!
Blow you buster blow
And it’s rock on Tommy down the Tasman Sea
When the Tasman Buster Blows

Mister Abel Tasman was a Dutchman bold
And he sailed these waters in the days of old
And his name is on the Tasman sea

And somehow Abel must have riles old nick
‘Cos he sent that Buster for to blow so quick
That Abel’s ghost would really cop some stick
From the sailors on the Tasman Sea


There was a German schooner on an eastbound trip
Went to clear New Zealand round the southern tip
She went sailing down the Tasman Sea

And it’s headfirst into Mr Buster’s blitz
And the German skipper, his name was Fritz
Said: “Gott in Himmel, you get blown to bitz, ven the buster’s on the Tasman Sea


There’s a girl in Sydney known as big butch Flo
And it aint worth knowing what Flo don’t know

And she’ll call you cobbler and she’ll call you blue
And when that Lady’s got through with you
You’ll think you’ve been riding on a kangaroo
Or maybe on the Tasman sea


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