5 May 2010 0 Comments

Stanley the Rat

Written by Cyril Tawney

Stanley’s a rat and a fast one at that
From bulkhead to bulkhead in four seconds flat
He’s come and he’s gone ‘ere an eyelid could bat
But he’d do it much quicker if we had a cat.

One flashing run and his visit is done
Stan never lingers to join in the fun
Our hospitality he’d rather shun
But he’d stay a bit longer if we had a gun.

I raises my cap to this beady-eyed chap
Who needs no compass and carries no map
Doesn’t know what it means for to get in a flap
But we’d bloody soon show him if we had a trap.

When does he doze? Nobody knows
Night and day he keeps on his toes
I don’t suppose that his eyes ever close
But he’d sleep forever and ever and ever
if we had a high pressure hose.

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