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Sailors Alphabet

A stand for anchor we carry on our bow

B stand for bowspit to bowl her along

C for our capstan which we heave around

And D for our duty to which we are bound

Merrily cheerily merrily are we

No mortal on earth like a sailor at sea

Heave away haul away aye-do-a-down

Give a sailor his grog and there’s nothing go wrong

E stand for ensign which we do fly

F stand for fo’cstle belong to the man

G stand for galley the cook it belong

And H for our halliard so long and so strong.

I stand for Ireland where which we are bound

J stand for jolly boats so safe and so sound

K for the kelsey the keel it ships on

And L for our lanyards so long and so strong

M stand for mainmast so long and so strong

N stand for north points which never point wrong

O stand for oars to the boats they belong

And P for our pumps we all jog on.

Q stand for quadrant which we take the sun

R stand for rudder our keel it ships on

S stand for stern poles to build our ship on

And T for our topsails to pull her along

U stand for Union which we do do fly

V stand for Venus which we now pass by

W for wheel in which we take time

But the other three letters they won’t come in rhyme

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