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(c) Words & Music Rudy Sunde 2010


I’ll tell you a story, one so old and true

All about a bonny barque sailed the ocean blue

Her name was Pamir me boys, build in 1905

Built for the Nitrate trade, for the Flying P Line



Farewell Pamir, farewell and adieu,

Farewell you bonny barque, farewell to your gallant crew

No more will we see you, nor your likes again

Sailing o’er Pacific blue, sailing over the main.


Ten thousand tonnes of steel, four masts so high

Ever reaching up me boys, reaching for the sky

She bravely sailed around Cape Horn, sailed oh so proud

Billowing sails up aloft, a wondrous canvas cloud




She flew the Finnish flag then, back in ’41

Sailed into Wellington, the war had just begun

She was claimed as a prize, went to sea again

Kiwi lads at the helm, made for ‘Frisco Bay




Sailing o’er Pacific blue, Pamir under sail

Met a Japanese submarine, lying there in wait

Commander Kudo of the sub, looked at her with awe

‘I cannot sink this lovely ship, sail forever more’




After the war she sailed the last grain race

Australia to England 128 days

A German company bought her then ’twas in ’49

A training ship for young cadets, she served them well and fine




The year was ’57 lads, it was an awful day,

Pamir faced a raging storm, faced those monstrous waves

Atlantic Ocean’s a lonely place, Pamir’s in her grave

Eighty men did die that day, six only were saved


More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamir_(ship)

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