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Morning Glory

Written by the legendary NZ Shantyman Rudy Sunde (c) 1994

Come all you good people I’ll tell you my story

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy I’ll tell you my story

About when I sailed on the old morning glory

Lord,y Lordy, Lordy the Old morning glory

She was a fine Whaler, a well built three master

Bob Jackson the skipper, was a regular bastard

He worked us and cursed us and showed us no mercy

A hard drinking man in a dirty old jersey

We sailed from Russell on the first of November

It was a fine day as well I remember

We set a course for the great Southern Ocean

Where whales they sport and make a commotion

We struck a sperm whale with harpoon well hafted

But the whale then dived and pulled the boat after

The ride was so thrilling until the boat foundered

For the men that were drowned the requiem sounded

Shorthanded were we so we made for New Zealand

When we hit port we jumped ship as free men

I’ve told you my tale, I’ve told you my story

About when I sailed on the old Morning Glory

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