30 May 2011 0 Comments

Lower the (Yawl) Boat Down

Seven old schooners come drivin’ the bay
[Refrain] Oh, lower the boat down,
And ugly old Alice was leading the way,
[Refrain] Lower the yawl boat down

We drove her so hard off Pemaquid Neck
The old man had thought we had broken her back,

There’s only one thing that grieves me
It’s my poor wife and baby,

We was driving ten knots as thick as a hedge
We grounded her board on the Bass Harbour ledge

We’ve blown her mains’l and torn her fore
That dear old wagon wont sail anymore,

That crazy qold woman from Buzzard’s Bay,
She drove her to hell, left her to stay,

There’s only one thing that grieves me,
It’s seeing old Alice go away

The women are women and the men are men,
And the ships will sail better when the women stay home,

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