28 February 2012 1 Comment

I Came To A Western Island

(c) Archie Fisher


I came to a western island as far as a man can walk is my land
Cleared ten acres and a house I build, into the side of the hill

One cow and a lean-to bier, a spring close by and a driftwood fire
A clear view of the settin’ sun and 12 gauge hammer gun

I keep sheep, I fish deep water in a high bowed boat called the Neptune’s
She will ride any western gale and can carry a stack of sails

Some nights when the bright lights flicker I sail to the mainland for my
I haven’t got a woman to call my own but I never wake up alone

A man needs to fell the ground and wind to tell him that the world spins
To watch the stars and taste the sea, and woman to keep him free

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  1. sam 26 March 2019 at 2:46 am #

    everywhere i find this, it has posted without the second verse.

    “the roof leaks, the windows rattle and the grass in the high ground wont feed cattle
    The west wind blowin’ off the sea makes it hard to grow a tree.”

    when i think about the song its such an important verse because it sets an uneasy tone for the rest of the song. without it, it reads like a singles classified ad – the island man, listing all of his assets and accomplishments along with his want for a wife.

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