4 May 2010 0 Comments

Hog Eye Man

And hand me down my walkin’ cane,

I’m going to see my Sally Jane.

And a hog-eye!

Railroad nigger with his Hog-Eye,

Row the boat ashore with her Hog-Eye, Oh,

She wants the Hog-Eye man!

The hog-eye man is the man for me,

He came a sailin’ from o’er the sea


He came to the shack where Sally did dwell

He knocked on her door, he rung her bell


Who’s been here since I’ve been gone

A big buck navvy with his sea boots on


If I catch him here with me Sally any more,

I’ll sling me hook and go to sea some more.


Sally in the garden siftin’ sand,

And the hog-eye man sittin’ hand in hand.


Sally in the kitchen, punchin’ duff,

And the cheeks of her arse goin’ chuff, chuff, chuff


Oh, a hog-eye ship and a hog-eye crew,

A hog-eye mate and a skipper too


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