4 May 2010 0 Comments

Heave Away Boys, Heave Away

I love the Sailor and the sailor loves me

Heave away boys heave away

He comes to my window every morning at three

Heave away boys heave away

And when we is happy we tolls the old bell

And when we is sad yous can all go to hell

I love a fat widow down Rollerhithe way

And when she next sees me to me she will say

Oh Johnny I’ve waited for you to return

So I can spend freely the money you’ve earned

I have a sister and she’s nine foot tall

She sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall

When I was a young man and well in me prime

I loved all them yellow girls two at a time

But now that I’m older I don’t feel so young

I’d sooner have lashings and lashings of rum

Oh roll the old chariot and long may she roll

Why don’t the mate shake her, God damn his soul

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