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Empire Star

As I was a’cruisin down by KGB

A rusty old trampship I happenned to see

The Empire Star was the old trampers name

She was bound out for Kiwi and then home again


Heave away HEAVE AWAY

Heave away HEAVE AWAY

From the lighthouse to the shitehouse is a bloody long way.


Now, when we left old London, down the Channel we sped

We cruised across Biscay, we were bound  for NZ

We passed through the straight and down to the Med

It took 22 days then to reach Port Said




Our bosun you know him, he wears a peak cap

He sends us to smoko and he says “hurry back”

But when we get to London we’ll all get the sack

Cos we all went to smoko and never came back




Now, the cook he is trying to poison the crew

We don’t know what it is, but he calls it a stew

It’s the funniest mixture that you’ve ever seen

And it reminds us distinctly of tar boiled in sea




Of rust on the foredeck there isn’t a trace

The old man looks upon it with a smile on his face

But he’ll have a blue fit, when he sees all the shit

That’s we left hiding behind every which padded bit




Our chief engineer was sipping his beer

When he was hit in the eye by some shit on the gear

Now we see him down dock street with a hole in his eye

He was blinded by bullshit in the blue funnel line





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