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Edwin Fox

Written by legendary NZ Shantyman Rudy Sunde (c) 2005

In 1853

The Edwin Fox took to the sea

Fully rigged ship from Indian teak

She slid down the waves and looked so sweet

Heave away haul me gallant lads

Heave away and don’t be sad

Heave away haul and sing out loud

The Edwin Fox is homeward bound

The Crimean War was raging then

She was used to transport men

Soldiers to fight the Russian foe

Many that left never came home

Then she sailed in general trade

India and back journey she made

Carrying mainly beer and tea

To tempt the pallets of you and me

She became a convict ship

Transporting men a one way trip

Hundreds of men down below

Down below in that awful hole

An immigrant ship she then became

Many journeys she did make

Bringing migrants to our land

Saying farewell to old England

Her sailing days at an end

She became the farmers crane

Freezing machines stored on board

Freezing lambs for export

Edwin Fox the story is old

One more chapter to be told

She was used for storing coal

A shameful fate for one so bold

She’s now in her final home

Never more the seas to roam

At picton harbour she’s at rest

May her future days be blessed

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