5 May 2010 0 Comments

Cold Ocean Blue

Written by Sam Leary (c) 2008

Sailing on back to the colonies

On a fine shapely vessel called Mae

So heave away boys and drink your dark rum

We’re on our way back home to New Zealand again

Heave away boys and chew your tobacco

We’re on our way back home again

Never more will I sail the ocean

Never more for whiskey nor gold

So heave away boys, hoist the sails to the weather

When we reach those fine shores never more will I roam

Heave away boys keep your spirits together

We’re bound for New Zealand and home

Oh we’ve sailed the cold North Atlantic

And down to the high coasts of Spain

So heave away boys have your whiskey for breakfast

The winds may be cold but the sun she still shines

Heave away boys, sing a fine rounded shanty

The liquor will help us survive

Well I stand at my window each morning

And I watch for your ship to roll in

So heave away boys and I’ll send you my kisses

Over the waves of the cold ocean blue

Heave away boys your lassie’s still waiting

And sending her love out to you

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