21 April 2012 0 Comments

Captain Tall

Captain Tall, best man I met
Lively lads look lively

Give you a trip you’ll never forget
Lively lads look lively


He’s the man for the Southern coast
Pray to God and the Holy Ghost

Lively lads look lively
That’s the cry from Captain Tall
Lively lads look lively
That’s the cry to drive us all

Lost more ships than I can tell
Made amends as you know well

Ran ashore to save the crew
Found an unknown rock or two


Rescued one, a forlorn hope
Patched her up with tar and rope

River steamers, devils work
Landed him in Dunedin court


Back at sea he’s timber trading
Every voyage fully laden

Double lash the cargo
We’re off to North Otago


Black Nor-easter we all hate
But Captain Tall’s not one to wait

Rain and snow and driving hail
You might live to tell the tale


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