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Captain John Mason

Words: Mike and Annabel McPhee, Music: Rudy Sunde (c) 2008

The wind is fair, the wind is fair
Make sail and hasten o
Can’t get out, I’ll be damned
Look to me, John Mason o

Down the bay, sailed away
Take the helm John Mason o
Ship and crew depend on you
Take the helm John Mason o

The signal’s clear, the signal’s clear
More sail and hasten o
Moeraki bound, none too far
Safe with me, John Mason o


Wind she blows, wind she blows
Reef sail and hasten o
This sou’wester’s getting strong
Too strong John Mason o


A rising sea, a rising sea
Down sails and hasten o
Roaring forties, mighty mean
Too mean, John Mason o


A hurricane, a hurricane
Storm sails and hasten o
If you believe, pray for me
Pray for me John Mason o


Tie me down, tie me down
Lash me here and hasten o
At the wheel, alive or drowned
Trust in me John Mason o


Get below, down below
Close that hatch and hasten o
Man against the raging sea
I’m the man, John Mason o

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