4 May 2010 0 Comments

Bring ’em Down

In Liverpool I was born

Bring em Down

And London is my home from home

Bring em Down

Them brotherlight girls are mighty fine

They’re never a day behind their time

Now it’s around cape horn we go

Around cape stiff in the frost and snow

Then up the coast to Vallipo

And northwards to Callao

Them Callao girls I do adore

They takes it all and asks for more

Them Vallipo girls puts on a show

They wiggle their arse with a roll and go

Now it’s back home to Liverpool

Spend me pay like a bloody fool

Now I’m Liverpool born and bred

Thick in the arm and thick in the head

Them Liverpool girls I do admire

They sets your rig and all on fire

Oh rock and roll me over boys

Let’s get this damn job over boys

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