21 April 2012 0 Comments

Barrett’s Shanty

Written by Grant Dawson

In the days of sail before I was born
My father sailed around Cape Horn
With me uncle through the raging storm
With a whaler called Dick Barrett

And the harpoon struck home
And the line it ran out
And the whale gave a flurry with its tail
And we lost poor Dicky Barrett to a hundred barrel whale
And no more he’ll go roving on the sea bonny lads
No more he’ll go roving on the sea

I remember well that fateful day
When the people lined up on the quay
And Dicky Barrett was heard to say
“There she blows, lay to your oars lads”


In a box made out of rimu wood
New Plymouth round in mourning stood
Asking why to die, he should
That brave whaler, Dicky Barrett


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