21 April 2012 0 Comments

All Bound to Go

There’s some is bound for New York town

And others is bound for France,

Heave away me Johnnies, heave, heave away;


And there’s some is bound for the Bengal Bight

To teach the whales to dance,

And away me bully boys we’re all bound to go.


An advance pay in our pockets boys

It’s bound to take us far,

We’ll cruise along old Lime Street,

And straight to the American Bar.


In two days time we’ll put to sea

Down the Mersey we will slip;

And the flash gals will be waiting

When we gets home next trip.


Yhe pilot he is a-waiting

The turning of the tide,

And soon we will be sailing

With a good and a westerly wynd.


And when we gits back home agin

Our pockets lined once more,

We’ll spend it all wiv them flash gels

Then goo to sea one more.


So merrily let yer voices ring

Me bullies heave and bust,

Ain’t no use caterwallin’,

Growl ye may but go ye must.

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