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4 May 2010 0 Comments

Morning Glory

Written by the legendary NZ Shantyman Rudy Sunde (c) 1994 Come all you good people I’ll tell you my story Lordy, Lordy, Lordy I’ll tell you my story About when I sailed on the old morning glory Lord,y Lordy, Lordy the Old morning glory She was a fine Whaler, a well built three master Bob […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

I’s the B’y

I’se The B’y that builds the boat and I’se The B’y that sails her and I’se The B’y that catches the fish and Brings ’em home to Liza Chorus: Hip-yer-partner Sally Tibbo Hip-yer-partner Sally Brown Fogo, Twillingate, Morton’s Harbour, All around the circle Sods and rinds to cover your flake, Cake and tea for supper […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Sammy’s Bar (The Ballad of)

Written by the great Cyril Tawney (c) 1958 As I went down to Sammy’s Bar Hey, the last boat’s a’leavin By the shore at Pieta Haul away the daighsoe (pronounced di-so) And my real love, she was there… There was sand all in her hair… How did sand get in your hair… Darling Johnny put […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Rocky Road to Dublin

In the merry month of May, From my home I started, Left the girls of Tuam, Nearly broken hearted, Saluted father dear, Kissed my darlin’ mother, Drank a pint of beer, My grief and tears to smother, Then off to reap the corn, And leave where I was born, I cut a stout blackthorn, To […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Come All You Toungers

Come all you tonguers and land-loving lubbers Here’s a  job cutting-in, and boiling down blubbers A job for the youngster or old and ailing The agent will grab any man for shore whaling I am paid in soap and sugar and rum For cutting in whale and boiling down tongue The  agent’s fee makes my […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Davy Lowston

Oh my name is Davy Lowston, I did seal, I did seal. My name is Davy Lowston, I did seal. Though my men and I were lost, though our very lives it cost We did seal, we did seal, we did seal We were set down in Open Bay, we were set down, were set […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Wild Rover

I’ve been a wild rover for many a year I’ve spent all my money on whiskey and beer Now Ill save up my wages, keep money in store And I never will play the wild rover no more And its no, nay, never No, nay never, no more For I’ve played the wild rover But […]

4 May 2010 1 Comment

The Mermaid

It was Friday morn when we set sail, And we were not far from the land When our Captain he spied a mermaid so fair With a comb and a glass in her hand. Chorus: And the ocean waves do roll And the stormy winds do blow And we poor sa-li-ors go skippin’ at the […]