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21 April 2012 0 Comments

Empire Star

As I was a’cruisin down by KGB A rusty old trampship I happenned to see The Empire Star was the old trampers name She was bound out for Kiwi and then home again   Heave away HEAVE AWAY Heave away HEAVE AWAY From the lighthouse to the shitehouse is a bloody long way.   Now, […]

20 April 2012 0 Comments

Shellback Song

Ewan McColl 1. I am an old seafaring man, I come from everywhere, Name any point on the compass you choose, You’re sure to find me there Born in a gale in the Roaring Forties, Entered in the log, Set up aloft to the upper t’gans’ls And christened in navy grog. 2. And all that […]

18 March 2012 0 Comments

The Banks of Newfoundland

You bully boys of Liverpool And I’ll have you to beware, When you sail on them packet ships, no dungaree jackets wear; But have a big monkey jacket all ready to your hand, For there blows some cold nor’westers on the Banks of Newfoundland. [Chorus] We’ll scrape her and we’ll scrub her with holy stone […]

3 March 2012 0 Comments

Brinnisi di marinara (Lampa)

Sung to the tune of Reubin Ranzo (or Reubin Ranzo is sung to this tune, depending on your perspective). Sciucamini sta lampa Lampabo Lampa Di cca nun si nni jemu Lampabo Lampa   Si sta lampa ni l’asciucamu E nui rosoliu vulemu   La misculanza ci l’ammu a fari E nui cca semu   Ciuccamuni […]

28 February 2012 0 Comments



(c) Words & Music Rudy Sunde 2010   I’ll tell you a story, one so old and true All about a bonny barque sailed the ocean blue Her name was Pamir me boys, build in 1905 Built for the Nitrate trade, for the Flying P Line   [Chorus] Farewell Pamir, farewell and adieu, Farewell you […]

28 February 2012 0 Comments

Paddle Your Own Canoe

I’ve travelled about a bit in me time, of troubles I’ve seen a few I found it far better in every clime to paddle me own canoe Me wants they are small I care not at all, me debts they are paid when due I drive away strike from the ocean of life and paddle […]

28 February 2012 1 Comment

I Came To A Western Island

(c) Archie Fisher   I came to a western island as far as a man can walk is my land Cleared ten acres and a house I build, into the side of the hill One cow and a lean-to bier, a spring close by and a driftwood fire A clear view of the settin’ sun […]

25 July 2011 0 Comments

Donegal Danny

I remember the night that he came in From the wintery cold and damp A giant of a man in an oilskin coat and a bundle that told he was a tramp He stood at the bar and he called a pint Then turned and gazed at the fire On a night like this, to […]

12 May 2010 4 Comments

Arsehole Rules (additional information)

The only recording of this that I have come across is from Oscar Brand album called: Bawdy Briny Ballads: Oscar Brand Sings Sea Porn He has sanitised it a bit, and it is sung with a ridiculous british accent under the title “backside rules”. You can purchase this song from the Smithsonian Folkways site, but […]

5 May 2010 0 Comments

The Nightwatch Song of the Charlotte Jane

‘Tis the first watch of the night, brothers, And the strong wind rides the deep; And the cold stars shining bright, brothers, Their mystic courses keep. Whilst our ship her path is cleaving, The flashing waters through, Here’s a health to the land we are leaving, And the land we are going to! First sadly […]