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28 June 2014 0 Comments

Paddy West

Oh, as I was a-walkin’ down London roadI came to Paddy West’s houseHe give me a feed of American hashAnd he called it Liverpool scouseHe said “There’s a ship that’s wantin’ handsAnd on her you’d quickly signHer mate is a bastard, her bo’sun’s worseBut she will suit you fine”Take off yer dungaree jacketsAnd give yerselves […]

28 February 2012 0 Comments



(c) Words & Music Rudy Sunde 2010   I’ll tell you a story, one so old and true All about a bonny barque sailed the ocean blue Her name was Pamir me boys, build in 1905 Built for the Nitrate trade, for the Flying P Line   [Chorus] Farewell Pamir, farewell and adieu, Farewell you […]

28 February 2012 0 Comments

Paddle Your Own Canoe

I’ve travelled about a bit in me time, of troubles I’ve seen a few I found it far better in every clime to paddle me own canoe Me wants they are small I care not at all, me debts they are paid when due I drive away strike from the ocean of life and paddle […]

26 July 2011 0 Comments

The Girl in Portland Street (foldedol day)

I met a girl in Portland St Fol-de-lol fol-de-lol fol-de lol-lol day I met a girl in Portland st With a fol-de-lol-day, fol-de-lol-day, fol-de-lol-lol-de-lol-de-lol-day This girl I met in in Portland St Was the sweetest girl I ever did meet Says I, Me girl how do you do Says she, the worse for seeing of […]

10 September 2010 0 Comments

The Priest and Nuns (Sea Porn: Lyric Warning)

Sample can be heard here: A priest in Austria thought one day Ho ho ho, He’d go to France without delay. Halla-ralla-ray, halla-ralla-rah. He’d go to France without delay. Halla-ralla-ray ho ho! And when the father came to France Ho ho etc. ‘Twas seven sick nuns he found by chance Halla-ralla-ray etc. He saw […]

5 May 2010 0 Comments

Pull Down Below

Oh, I went to church and I went to chapel Pull down below I went to church and I went to chapel Pull down below Oh, Hielan’ laddie, Pull down below Hielan’ laddie, bonnie laddie, pull down below On the road I found a saddle I found a saddle and an empty poke I found […]

4 May 2010 2 Comments

Farewell Shanty (Padstow Farewell)

It’s time to go now Haul away your anchor Haul away your anchor It’s our sailing time Get some sail upon her Haul away your halyards Haul away your halyards It’s our sailing time Get her on her course now Haul away your foresheets Haul away your foresheets It’s our sailing time Waves are surging […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Paddy Lay Back

‘Twas a cold an’ dreary mornin’ in December, (December) An’ all of me money it was spent (it was spent), Where it went to Lord I can’t remember (remember), So down to the shippin’ office went, (went, went), Paddy, lay back (Paddy, lay back)! Take in yer slack (take in yer slack)! Take a turn […]

13 March 2010 0 Comments

Paddy Doyle’s Boots

To me Way-ay-ay yah! We’ll pay Paddy Doyle for his boots! To me Way-ay-ay yah! We’ll all drink brandy and gin! To me Way-ay-ay yah! We’ll all shave under the chin! We’ll all throw shit  at the cook! The dirty ol’ man’s on the poop! We’ll bouse ‘er up and be done! We’ll pay Paddy […]