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28 July 2015 0 Comments

Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Run (Eliza Lee)

Oh, the smartest clipper you can find. Ah ho Way-oh, are you most done. Is the Marget Evans of the Blue Cross Line. So clear the track, let the Bullgine run. Chorus: Tibby Hey rig a jig in a jaunting car. Ah ho Way-oh, are you most done. With Lizer Lee all on my knee. […]

21 April 2012 0 Comments

Empire Star

As I was a’cruisin down by KGB A rusty old trampship I happenned to see The Empire Star was the old trampers name She was bound out for Kiwi and then home again   Heave away HEAVE AWAY Heave away HEAVE AWAY From the lighthouse to the shitehouse is a bloody long way.   Now, […]

26 July 2011 0 Comments

So Early in the Morning

The mate was drunken and he went below to take a swig at his bottle o [Refrain]┬áSo early in the morning the sailor likes his bottle o The bottle o, the bottle o, the sailor loves his bottle o [Refrain] A bottle of rum, a bottle o gin, a bottle of irish whiskey o [Refrain] […]

5 May 2010 0 Comments

The Ebenezer

I shipped on board of th’ Ebenezer Every day you “Scrub and grease ‘er” Send us aloft to scrape ‘er down And if we growl they’ll knock us down Oh, git along boys, Git along, do; Be handy, boys, be handy. Our first mates name was Dickie Green, sir, The dirtiest man you ever seen, […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Edwin Fox

Written by legendary NZ Shantyman Rudy Sunde (c) 2005 In 1853 The Edwin Fox took to the sea Fully rigged ship from Indian teak She slid down the waves and looked so sweet Heave away haul me gallant lads Heave away and don’t be sad Heave away haul and sing out loud The Edwin Fox […]

4 May 2010 0 Comments

Essequibo River

The Essiquibo River is king of Rivers all Buddy tanana we are somebody O The Essiquibo river is the king of rivers all Buddy tanana we are somebody O Somebody O, Johnny Somebody O Buddy tanana we are somebody O The Essiquibo Cap’n is king of Cap’ns all Buddy tanana we are somebody O The […]